Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Active Bricks

Active silver blocks have been successfully created. I have to learn more about the behaviour of inactive stone walls before I move on to completing the primary set which will be the mother code for all the other active blocks. Took me the whole day to figure this out. Previous active/inactive block systems seem to rely on the inactive walls being 'walk through' bricks which I would like to avoid using. Furthermore, the present 'walk through' bricks do not allow bricks to stack vertically while building unless there is an interfacing tile next to it.

Good night

P.S. I have not watched any anime series for more than a week now. Troubling thought that.

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TripleZ Seventeen said...

One little step forward for the cyberdog, a huge leap for terraria-dogs. Considering that this whole things stemmed from trying to build a secret passageway inside your castle, I think it's really good.