Monday, March 26, 2012

Modding Terraria

So after testing out that I can make a coin out of wood with a couple of programming lines, I set off with a few projects in mind based on my own consumption of Terraria. While building is more my focus as a standalone consumer, Terraria provides a platform for interaction/ranting/trolling/laughing/messing about with the old 4. If I am able to I will try to get screens of the destroyed never completed dojo in which we had the funnest PVP in a long time (where the funnest part was probably when Shura just randomly started bombing the dojo while me and TZ were building it -_-. I did not find it funny then but meh control freaks), if Shura allows, that is, he owns the map.

I have plans on duplicating the Castle in the Sky and putting it through a bombing session before we PVP in there. It is only fare (nods to fortify his conviction in the idea).


While I have a couple of specific items that I want to create to make the castle complete namely:

  • Active *enter any ore name* Brick
  • Active Books
  • Side Wall Candle holders that can be activated
  • Jail Doors
  • Switch only Doors/Jail doors (that cannot be open by clicking so blood moon zombies can't open them)
  • Multi Cables to create coded Island Entrance (credit to Lauren's point and click puzzles for that idea)
  • Chains rather than modern switches
  • Block switches

I also want to create some world exploration 'essentials'. These consist mostly of vehicles:

  • Transport Drill:

I have already made an initial sprite from scratch. This is a clear reference to the transport module Shredder and his sidekicks use in TMNT animated series. This is purely fan based work and I don't claim any copyright but if you want to use anything that is not yours, be polite, ask for permission and thank the owner.

  • Stargate - To teleport from one spot to another. They will operate on a code system so multiple gate can be present on a map.
  • Bouncy Terrain Buggy - with a rotative physics to make fun and annoying travels or even races.
  • Either a ridable Pegasus or a gelo powered jet bike, to get to aerial areas

If you have any more suggestions improvements or wish to provide assistance please leave comments below. Please share on fellow Terraria community pages.

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