Said undone

Let the show begin

Shadows in the dark
Pull at my heart
Creeps onto my brain
Like thorns bloodstained

My own arms wrap around me
Clench tight and deep for safety
My fingers tight in my palm
Begging for a punch to bring me calm

Like a half watched horror movie
The bad guy’s death is unknown to me
I am scared and alone on this journey
That made this movie my reality

I beg penance for all the negativity
But I seek death for the ones that hurt me
 I never wished any bad to anybody
So please bleed them for me

My brain is a wreck as I sit here in bed
Tired of drawing possible realities
Suddenly life is one bad song
In a plugged out tv

It won’t stop I am still there
My knees brought in tight
My eyes shooting to every shadow
To every leaf and every window
I wish to cause pain
I wish to draw blood
Like life never allowed me to
Like life will never allow me to

This bad horror movie
This tasteless soundtrack
From this plugged out tv
Show no sign of ending