Monday, March 26, 2012

The Transport Drill

Before even undertaking this project there are several things that I need to take into consideration which will prevent this drill from becoming a game breaker. These will be:

  • The Drill will only dig through the --what I qualify-- as soft ores, woods and stones. This will prevent from cheap ore farming
  • It will be crafted from logical items namely (This list is very tentative):
    • a couple of drills
    • lots of Iron bars
    • lots of cables
    • gelo because it has not many uses but you could glue things with it (yeah.. i know..lame)
    • glass for the portholes
    • lava bucket to solder things (yeah..i know..logical)
    • Book (you need an instructions manual - how else do make your bloody Gundams)
  • It will be craftable only on the tinkerers station possibly if the mechanic is close by
The end result will need to be a 4 person fully controllable vehicle that can move in the vertical and horizontal axes. Custom sounds and all the fanfare. Not sure if it will travel through lava yet, but probably not.

Now a few limitations present themselves from the base game:
  • Rotational movement physics does not exist (diagonal sprites??)
  • No vehicles exist and multiplayer vehicle means 3 people tiddling their fingers while the other drives them into lava (maybe they need to be holding the gelo that powers it)
  • what happens to the player sprites during travel
  • How do they get off the transport?? default to behind dig path spawn??
I have quite a few milestones ahead of me. While crafting mechanics is not an issue, it was probably the easiest part of this project.

The second milestone will be the movement physics which I will test out on playable characters first. The movement involves rotating the transports and then probably propelling using the jump key. This is very similar to a real swimming mechanism where the character actually turns rather than move vertically forward when in liquid and propulses itself with its legs when one presses jump. So this mod will be called real swim, where the swim physics will knock out 2 milestones which is movement physics and the diagonal sprite situation. If this real swim works we will be able to move forward with this. Excited.

If you guys have any suggestions just want to tell me to give up please comment below and share on fellow terraria community friends pages

May the Cybergod bless this cyber dog

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