Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brick Love

This blog has been inactive for a while now. Mostly, because I get distracted. As much as I'd like to get back into Terraria decompilation, what the developers have done in Starbound looks really neat. Their pixel art make my tunneller look drab.
Why am I here I ask myself?
I had a panic attack today when I thought my Terraria character and map files had disappeared. After I found them nostalgia kicked in. Which is why I probably went and looked for the Starbound website to see if the developers were making utter rubbish or actually a gem.
I feels like a gem. Looks like a gem. Hell, their website just so full of thumbs ups. The cutesy nature of Starbound, the colour palette choice. They have an actual transport system in place. I would kill to see their coding.
At the same time, the game has a back story. To what extent is the world dependent on the back story scares me a lot as it will shift the game from the endless randomised worlds with endless replay ability to a more streamlined environment.

I love Terraria to bits. So I will every so often poke myself into breaking my mining fast and well, this place might gain some momentum again. 

Until then

Fair thee well internets!

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