Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brick Touch

While Terraria and Minecraft became my pseudo Lego because of its financial implications, they never could quite cut it. Let us blame it on nostalgia. Nothing cuts it like the real thing. Enter Lego Digital Designer (LDD). Infinite Lego bits, if the build gets approved through moderation you can even order the original build in. Purr-fect. That said I have tried many things on LDD, namely, a Museum, spaceships and the only actual successfully completed one the Oriental walk bridge. The organic nature of the architecture just challenges the orthogonal nature of Lego and really it made it worth it.

You can already see the lack of depth to this construction. This is why during this jobless time of mine and the downtime in the League of Legends EU server. I got the old wicker basket out with the red lined cloth. That one basket actually belongs to Lauren but it contains all the Lego bricks that Lauren and me did not find a home for.

Yet there it was the definite lack in the town become we have enough Lego sets to call it a high street with just enough houses for a residential area (Photos will be posted when they are taken. It is 03 18 and flash photography would even disturb my eyes at this point; but hey once you get going...).

Bottom line is our town which consists of the Grocery Store/Mall/Hotel/Retro Fire station and umm a space shuttle launching pad  o_0  was lacking the obvious. We have had the Green Emerald Steam Train for quite a while and the tracks but no station so today except for a job application to someone who probably will not employ me anyway because awesome is not good enough, I set myself to making the station. I actually set out to build the station two days ago but when I stared at the basket, it stared back at me.

I was not sure if I had the resources for the build so after two days of sorting the basket in logical piles - and when I say piles these now have taken over half of my living room, I set off to undertake the build. My unfaithful 'main d'oeuvre' left me for sleep because past 21 45 it seems a switch is just knocked into a woman's brain that says, 'neEEeeed sleeeEEEeeep.'

I powered through and the build is almost complete except for the missing pieces. Photos will follow. The station has the regular features namely 'station' and ticket office. However, compared to the lame backless city set (anything backless is lame unless it is a dress. Seriously how would you like to live in a backless house and hell the backless prison sure is impregnable.). This one has an overhead footpath and a cafeteria and overhead cover for people on rainy days.

Phase two, as I will call it, will consist of identifying bricks that require replacing because of wearing and also LDD of the Clock on the front of the station because I definitely do not have the parts for it. Then identify the bricks that are missing. For specific numbers I will be using LDD. I found some interesting websites that sell second hand Lego bricks.

Phase three will be the completion of the project.

Good Night my friends. I will try and upload photos of the build tomorrow and also maybe the high street itself.

PS.: I thank LegoLord on Flickr who inspired me to forge on. One day I will have to raid his house for all his Lego

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